Located in a beautiful National Park area...quiet, cozy, clean, smoke free and reasonable accomodation with a friendly and homelike atmosphere. ask us anything in English.

" Nature's First Green is Gold "

Surrounded by mountains,
birch & pine trees,
you will feel relaxed & refreshed.

For the Great Escape from the city
come to our restful,
friendly and homelike atmosphere.

          Norikura   Northern Japan Alps    

w. fall
Igaya R. Land
5 min walk fr us

Norikura Kogen
at a height of over
1,500m(4,900ft.) - 3,000m(9,000 ft.)
above sea level.

Spring Ski

Snow Walls

Chubusangaku National Park

Azusa River
Taisho Pond

Jun/9/ 2024
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Hi Lo Norikura[WNI] Norikura
16"C 60"F 9"C 49"C Satellite[JPNS] JMA
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Host Family

We started MIZUSHIRO twenty years ago, upon returning from U.S.A..

We enjoy making our guests happy,
and our pleasure in being here is contagious.
- Located in beautiful Chubusangaku National Park, our lodge is clean, smoke free and cheerful, ask us anything in English.
 - We prepare delicious meals for our guests from healthy organic vegetables, and plants growing wild around us. Our meals are both Japanese and western style which make our foreign guests really satisfied....we were living in US for 15 years and we know about that people from abroad have likes or dislikes in Japanese foods.
- We hope to satisfy any appetite with Suea's great cooking. As a matter of fact, she is more than happy to explain about how to prepare her original recipies.
Breakfast.... scent of
freshly baked bread

Dinner.... some Japanese
& some Western dishes.

- A special cake or champagne will be served for your birthday and anniversary at your request.
- Secure, fast Wi-Fi, anywhere in the house accessible 24hr/7dy.
- Downhill runs, hot springs and water falls are nearby, hiking trails minutes away in secluded forest, the silence broken by bird song.
- 10min walk NorikuraBASE, Yukemurikan Hot Spa 4min. ride.
Ichinose area 2min. Matsumoto 50min. Takayama 70min.
for smokers
:Major credit card required to guarantee room, We are not going 
to charge any deposit in advance. 7 days cancellation policy.

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Place to visit Accommodation Transportation Smoke-free
A family of 3 Back yard Onsen(spa) Ski & Snowboard
backcountry ski

We are people-friendly & nature-friendly

Azumi 4232-6 Matsumoto, Naganoken 390-1512 JAPAN
tel: +81(Japan)0263-93-2261
e-mail: info@mizushiro.net