Embraced by the Beautiful forests of Chubusangaku National Park
with Koohnogawa river flowing in it.....
The babblings from the stream at the doorstep...

Enclosed by the Larch and Birch woods, 
you hear the chirpings of the birds.
Your heart sings.

Stepping out onto the terrace,
Fragrance from the Woods
Chirpings of the birds
Murmurings of the Streams
embraces you.

On a fine day, you could take your breakfast

while enjoying the forest bath.
you could enjoy the cool breeze from the mountains
while drinking a beer or sipping the wine.


The squirrels are really busy in the autumn!
They got to harvest and prepare for winter!
This place is indeed the paradise for the squirrels!
This spring,
Mr. Serow came to our backyard,
which was covered with snow, to feed on the tree barks.
He must be very hungry.

The dormouse was hanging at the terrace,
when the snow at the backyard started to melt, , , ,
It looked as if it had not fully waken up from the hibernation,
he looked confused.. and walked unsteadily like a drunkard.
We took care of him,
intending to return him back to the backyard
when he got better and when the weather's better

Bird watchers will find the surrounding areas near Mizushiro fascinating.
We have spreads of forest behind our backyard - a conducive place for birds to reside.
Birds over here are not often seen in the cities. Besides that,
you can often hear songs sang by birds such as Blue-and-white Flycatcher,
bush warbler, nuthatch and cuckoo which soothes your mind.. and cheer you up.


In the perfectly clear night sky,
is unbelievably bright.

Have you ever seen crystal clear milky way?

Tokyo University's Space Observatory,
the only Corona Observatory in the Far East,
is located over here in Norikura.
Norikura, with clear and fresh air,
faraway from the lightings of the cities and towns,
is the perfect place for star gazing...

The Leo Meteor shower came in one autumn.
And it made you wonder...
if the stars had actually fallen onto earth.

On usual days,
if you spend a little time to watch the night sky,
you might be able to wish upon a falling star...

It moves your heart deeply
the night sky in the cities can't compare with it.



--Tipi's Size:16ft(4.8m)

--Pole's Length:25ft(7.5m)

The swings are big too. It's about 5m in height.

Let yourself return back to your childhood days!
Swinging in the air without a single worry!
You do know about that right, that carefree feeling?

You can kindle a fire in Tipi.
So, you won't lack of fun things to play with
Please enjoy as much as you like, in your own ways!

Rental of simple bed, sleeping bag starts from 1,000yen.
We can also help you to prepare the firewood,
charcoal, cooking utilities for BBQ, lamp etc!

Please let us know during reservation.

It is a Fire Place, which can be used by 40 persons for BBQ!
In this backyard, we've got swings(sturdy for adults too!), Monkey Bridge etc.
You can play "Police and Thief" too because it's so spacious over here!

So, why don't you let your kids
play to their heart content in the backyard? Join them if you wish!

Badminton, Ping-Pong(Outdoor), Catch-ball
, , , when you are lack of a partner,
Osamu could be your baseball catcher!