Time flies so quickly!!!
25 years have passed since we moved here

Norikura Kogen from New York City
after living there for many years.

In America, full of freedom, we had been leading
a happy life with many good friends.

Everything went well,
and our son's birth was
the turning point of our life there.

When he was three, we came back to Nagano.
It was a really tough decision,
because we want to raise him in the beautiful countryside.

We three are really enjoying the outdoors
and have a happy life here
surrounded by the splendors of Mother Nature of the Japan Alps.

Kenneth Shohei
(born in Manhattan in 1990
He is our only son, bright, friendly and outgoing... enjoying to share outdoor activities and adventures with friends all year round. He got married two years ago, a baby girl"Shiho" was born in January and having a happy family life now.

She is cheerful, friendly and always positive.

     She really loves cooking.... her many years' experience in the west helped her to be Chef-Suea..... Indeed there are many regular guests who look forward to having her exceptional meals. She is accustomed to rural life with alpine flowers, wild greens, mushrooms and berries all around us.

In NYC, he was in marketing for H.Stern Jewelers, Inc. for many years. He was lucky with good friends and coworkers at his office in Manhattan. In his youth he travelled to the land of Incas, Amazon, Patagonia and more. When it comes to talking about these journeys, he can talk endlessly, forgetting the time. He was one of the representatives of Japan to participate in the 12th Boy Scout World Jamboree in Idaho, USA. His greatest love is the outdoors.

Osamu, Shohei & Sueko
in Tecapo

We really appreciate your great help
and continued support.

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